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“Maybe I have odd shaped ear canals, but I always have a difficult time with wireless earphones. They fall out when doing cardio, they fall out when lifting weights. It’s incredibly annoying. I thought I’d try these since the Apple Headphones that came with my phone were super comfortable and never fell out. I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve worn these every day since they were delivered and they haven’t fallen out – even with some intense workouts. Not only do they stay in, they are comfortable and the sound quality is extremely good.”

Amy Hilliard

“My last wireless earbuds were broken, and then I found these. The design is great and these earbuds are beautiful. They look like the Apple AirPods. But they are a little bigger than AirPods. I can’t imagine paying 100+ dollars on a pair of airpods but i wanted something compact with a charging case so i decided on these for less than a third of the price. the battery life is better than my friends air pods although the part that hangs done from my ear is a bit bigger than their airpods so the battery is probably bigger. the sound is good.”


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